The Sports Day Committee members are people who give back to their community through volunteering their time. Planning and executing the Sports Day Weekend is a time-consuming but rewarding task. All members are committed to doing the best they can. For any information about Sports Day or if you'd like to play a part, please send us a request using the form below.


Executive Members  
Co-Chair Cathy Morton 905.557.0304
Co-Chair Tara Wag
Dr. Angela Smith    
Karen McArthur    
Margaret Swain    
Scott Wicks
Anne Wicks
Sharon Bates     
Steve Flemming   
Neil Luckwich     
Oxana Roudenko    
Sally Davison    
Anne Hart     
Shae Thompson    
Jennifer Russel    
Katherine Sprigg    
Doug Willitts    
Bar Stewards Team    
Soap Box Derby Team    
5 km Run/Walk Team